The KORKYRA FIT fitness center is located on the ground floor of the MARCO POLO hotel in Korčula, of the island of Korčula. Its highly equipped facilities include:

  • an Aerobics area; providing Pilates balls, step benches, dumbbells, and punching bags
  • Fitness and Body Building hall; providing 30 devices, Olympic bars, weights, and dumbbells
  • Cardio training area; providing a rowing machine, bikes, elliptical trainer, treadmills
  • Dressing rooms and sanitary facilities

KORKYRA FIT is equipped with the world famous brands LIFE FITNESS and CONCEPT2 which offer highly professional machines for cardio exercise.

We provide to all our members a fitness center which respects their goals, offer exercise programs constructed in accordance with their personal wishes and possibilities, as well as offer recommendations on proper and healthy diet, and all these wrapped in a pleasant atmosphere with the top class equipment.

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