"After 10 sessions you will feel the difference, in 20 you will see the difference, and after 30 training you will have a whole new body." - Joseph Pilates

The Pilates method is an intelligent exercise, which was created 90 years ago by the German Joseph H. Pilates. It is combining elements of Eastern and Western methods of exercise. From the east, it has taken mind-body connection, relaxation and awareness, and from the West the emphasization on muscle tone, strength and endurance.

The Pilates Method is a comprehensive and detailed program of mental and physical training providing over 500 different exercises whose main characteristic is flexibility. Therefore, Pilates is intended for all age groups and different levels of fitness.

The Principles of Pilates

Pilates exercises engage the whole musculature of the body with a focus on the core muscles which make up the muscles of the abdomen, lower back and buttocks.

The movements are performed controlled and precise, with a constant connection between mind and body. Repetitive movements are starting to support each other, the whole body works as a whole and a small number of repetitions improve the endurance, alertness and above all the connection with oneself.

Proper breathing is the basis of the Pilates method. It purifies the blood stream, and energizes and relaxes the body muscles.

Non-invasive method

Pilates method is non-aggressive and static exercises shape the body, strengthen the deep stabilizing muscles and establish a correct posture of the body, while it helps learn breathing and relaxation.


  • Reshape the body and develop long and lean muscles
  • Reinforce the muscles of the abdomen, buttocks and lower back
  • Fix posture, reduce back pain and strengthen bones and joints
  • To develop strength, endurance, coordination and flexibility
  • Improve emotional state, alleviate stress and fatigue, slow the aging
  • Indirectly reduce the percentage of body fat

Pilates is designed for all age groups, regardless of the level of fitness (children, pregnant women, recreational sports, the elderly, etc.) and one of the best exercise programs.